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Human Resource & Payroll Management System


Reliable payroll software allows employees to access their payroll data, such as pay stubs and paid time off balance, without going through the HR department. This way, there's more transparency, and HR staffers don't have to interrupt their work to request access to this information.

Its a cloud based application. There was no installations process. Just click on the link and put required credential and use it.

Benifits of Our HR-Payroll Software : 

Many businesses choose to use payroll software over manual processing, as it can help them to:

Work out payroll calculations and deductions quicker

Generate accurate payslips

Calculate bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, etc with minimum effort

Send returns to HMRC and print other forms for employees

Automate certain tasks, such as year-end reporting

Reduce the burden of compliance

Remove the need to understand complex tax legislation

Store data such as payslips and annual reports in a secure, easily accessible system

HR-Payroll software can also provide additional data and analysis to make payroll information more useful to your business. See do you need payroll software.

Linking HR-Payroll software with time recording

You can link HR-pPyroll to timesheet systems that record employee attendance or time worked.

This allows you to automatically transfer information about hours worked into the payroll system and make payroll calculations much simpler.

Using HR-Payroll software for reporting

By using basic payroll data, together with data on attendance and hours worked, payroll systems can provide a wealth of reports.

This allows in-depth analysis of staff costs for the business as a whole, across departments and even individual jobs and contracts.

Storing personnel records

Most organisations will also keep other data about employees, such as records of annual leave.

By getting payroll systems that record these additional types of information you can avoid the need for a separate software package.

Using HR-Payroll system to plan future costs

As payroll packages can provide forecasts, you can use these to plan staff costs and budgets by entering hypothetical numbers to see the exact total cost of an employee.

HR-Payroll Modules & Features :

HR database



Performance management

Benefits administration

Workforce management

Time and attendance

Absence and leave management

Learning and development

Talent management

Succession Planning

HR analytics


Employee wellness

Multi-territory workforce management

Employee self-service 

Hardware Requirements :

You just need a Desktop or Laptop or Andriod or iOS or any kind of smart device and Internet connection. 

First Client :

RP Creations & Apparels Ltd.

Category :

Software, HRM

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